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Connectorized Fiber System


The System

  The PPS connectorized fiber optic system is designed to transfer laser light from one location to another with minimal losses. The fiber input coupler accepts laser light and directs it into the fiber optic cable. The cable conducts the laser energy to the output coupler, which recovers the beam. Fiber optic beam transport can be used to produce virtually any laser lighting effect at a distance up to hundreds of feet from the laser source. This system is presently in use in major touring shows, theme parks, and attractions worldwide.

  The compact input coupler design mounts to standard breadboards, is simple to use, and offers proven reliability. Create any effect, anywhere, with three fiber sizes available, and quick fiber connections to a wide selection of output couplers and remote accessories. High efficiency systems can deliver 30 watt beams, or be optimized for low divergence remote scanning.

The Solution

  Fiber optics multiply the effectiveness of any laser display system by allowing displays in different areas, all originating at one central laser location.  This is far more economical than installing more lasers. Fiber is the key to the future of laser entertainment, and an essential element in the competitive market. Open the doorway to total freedom in effects design.


Input Coupler

  Coupling a laser beam into an optical fiber is easy using the PPS Connectorized Input  Coupler. The CFS-CIC input coupler provides the accurate positioning resolution necessary for high coupling efficiency and long term stability. The input unit is enclosed, adjustable, and equipped with a female conical fiber optic socket. Input couplers accept a one inch  beam height over the mounting surface, and mount with 1/4-20 hardware on 2 inch centers.


Output Couplers


  The PPS CFS-XOC series Connectorized Output Couplers range from compact units for scanning applications to large, low divergence models for beam work and outdoor displays. These units make many previously impossible display tasks as simple as stringing cable. All units are fully enclosed, focusable, and equipped with a female conical fiber socket. The CFS-COC and CFS-SOC compact and scanning output couplers are designed for use with scanning systems where small beam diameters are required. The CFS-MOC and CFS-LOC medium and large output couplers are used for aerial display applications requiring low divergence. Custom output couplers with ultra-low divergence, razor sharp beam edges, and beam diameters of up to six inches are available on special order


Fiber Connectors


 The CFC-4XXX series male conical fiber connectors allow rapid connection and disconnection of the fiber from the display accessory, while enclosing and protecting the fiber surface. These connectors are available in sizes to fit 50, 100, and 200 micron fiber optic cables. Connectors are all metal, with a conical ferrule which insures perfect centration and repeatable fiber alignment. Connectors are attached to the cable using an epoxy / crimp and wet polish process, which can be completed in ten minutes or less with a minimal amount of practice.


 Fiber Cable  

   PPS step index fiber optic cable is flexible, durable, and unobtrusive. Power handling varies with fiber diameter; fibers of 200 microns and larger can safely transmit more than 30 watts. Transmission efficiency is a function of fiber length, and can reach 80% or more. The .125 inch diameter black PVC outer jacket is UL plenum rated. The fiber is available in three sizes; 50 micron, 100 micron, and 200 micron. Fibers are available as connectorized assemblies cut to length or in bulk quantities without connectors. A fiber connector installation and polishing kit with detailed instructions is also available.


Fiber Polishing Kit

   The CFSR-K fiber polishing kit is used to polish the CFC-4XXX series male conical fiber connectors The kit includes a glass plate, three different grits of lapping film (10 sheets of each),a fiber striping tool a sleeve crimping tool, two polishing pucks, and an optional high quality inspection microscope.   Connectors are attached to the fiber cable using an epoxy / crimp and wet polish process, which can be completed in ten minutes or less with the PPS fiber termination and polishing kit..

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